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Super Sunday Funday Prizes

All Super Cruise Group Staterooms are included in the Super Cruise BIG GRID and Super Sunday Party with Prizes ranging from $1,000 to...

 Grand Prize winner of $30,000 !!

You  need to "Be There or Be Without a Square" 

Actual Game Score

Prizes 576 Score.jpg

Reverse Score

Prizes 576 Score Reverse.jpg

$5,000 "Been There" Pool

This will be split between all squares that had a score in the game but did not win a quater. 

"0 - 0" is in the "Been There Pool" unless 0 - 0 is the 1st Quarter Score.




  • Prizes based on a 576-Square BIG GRID

  • Squares were assigned by random drawing.  All cabins booked with Cruises Etc receive a square on the BIG GRID.

  • The BIG GRID covers all of the scoring possibilities from 0 - 72. 

  • If a score exceeds 72,  71 will be subtracted from the actual score,  ie:  77-21.  Subtract 71 from 77 making   Final Score:  6 (winner) - 21 (loser)

  • Winners will have exact scores. Each square has 9 scoring combinations.  The score after extra point(s) conversion is used. 

  • Tied score after the end of the 4th Quarter:  $30,000 prize will be split: $15,000  to the tied score square and $15,000 to and the Final Overtime Score.


  • Sixteen (16) $1,000 Prizes will be awarded to the four (4) squares that are touching the winning 1st Quarter, Halftime, 3rd Quarter & Final Score Squares

  • Actual Score, not Reverse Score.


Cruises Etc. reserves the right to change the size of the "Big Grid" based on the number of group participants. During the past 26 Super Cruises a 576 Square Grid was used the majority of the time. 

How to Play The Big Grid Video

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